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We move strategy into tactics.

So you’ve got a new strategic plan or innovative new product. Congratulations! Now what?

Strategic plans don’t work very well when they are shoved in a drawer and only pulled out for the next strategic planning session. Innovative new products or programs aren’t so great if they fizzle out and go nowhere. Strategy and innovation need to be put into action so you can profit and create impact.

Our favourite tool? A Practical Tactical planning session for your project or operational team. It can be a full day, a weekend, or a full week - but in the Practical Tactical, we’ll get it done in one shot!

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Trying to manage a project without project management is like trying to play a football game without a game plan.
— K. Tate


Practical Tacticals are best suited for:

Bringing it to life

Bring new products or programs to life with a comprehensive plan. During the Practical Tactical, we will co-design items including a work breakdown structure and a schedule.

Your plan will include a milestones chart, designed by your team during our session, as well as a What, Who, When analysis to create the schedule of deliverables. Your schedule will have have timelines informed by subject-matter experts or good research, so that your estimates are achievable.

Talk to us about bringing your new project to life!

Getting your ducks in a row

It’s not a new project, but it’s gotten a little lost in the weeds. Some of the deliverables have paddled off and no one is quite sure where they have landed.

During our planning session, we can help get your ducks back in a row, with a solid plan for your team by the end of our time together.

Taming the squirrels

It can be a new project, or one that’s well underway. In any case, the squirrels have invaded and are throwing a rave in the middle of your schedule.

Working with innovators means working with a team of idea generators and creators. That can lead to scope creep in the best of circumstances, slowing your projects down or putting you over budget.

If your team has been distracted by shiny, disco squirrels, or even new deliverables and scope creep, we can help wrangle your project back on track.


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