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Transform Chaos into Clarity with Executive Coaching for High-Performing ADHD Leaders.

The ADHD leadership challenge

Leading a company with ADHD can feel like trying to captain a ship in a storm without a compass. Your brilliant ideas and creative energy are constantly battling against a tide of distractions and disorganization.
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Common struggles for ADHD leaders include...
Feeling overwhelmed by details and unable to prioritize
Missing deadlines and forgetting important commitments
Working long hours but still feeling unproductive & behind
Experiencing inconsistent performance despite your best efforts
Constantly playing catch-up and putting out fires instead of moving forward
we get it.

The constant struggle to stay organized and focused is exhausting, especially when you know you're capable of so much more.


What our clients say

everything is organized and CALM!

"I’ve made so much progress this quarter. Everything is organized and CALM!!! It’s like seeing colour for the first time."

I've got it now...

"My biggest problem has been not knowing where to start. I’ve got it now - thank you."

Do you know where I am? I’m on VACATION

“Do you know where I am? I’m on VACATION. With my family in Florida. And for the first time in my professional career, I am not worried about what’s going on in the business because I know it’s under control.”
the solution

Your ADHD optimized leadership system

Forget the one-size-fits-all leadership advice that just doesn't stick.

We're not here to change you – we're here to supercharge you. Think of us as your personal ADHD-whisperers, transforming your unique cognitive style from a supposed weakness into your secret weapon.

Together, we'll craft a leadership system that feels as natural as breathing, letting you finally take that vacation without your phone blowing up, attend your kid's recital without your mind wandering to work, and end each day feeling accomplished instead of overwhelmed.
We'll help you...
Feeling overwhelmed by details and unable to prioritize
Missing deadlines and forgetting important commitments
Working long hours but still feeling unproductive & behind
Develop customized systems that fit your unique ADHD brain
Reclaim your personal life with worry-free vacations and present family time

Executive Coaching Packages


CA$ 350.00
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CA$ 1,200.00
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CA$ 2,499.00
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Why the Focus Comany

Beyond coaching. Your ADHD leadership SWAT team.

We're not your typical executive coaches.

As experts in eliminating organizational chaos, we bring a unique, hands-on approach to ADHD leadership challenges. We don't just offer advice – we roll up our sleeves and work alongside you to implement practical, sustainable solutions.

Our team of problem hunters and systems warriors specializes in unraveling even the most complex knots of business dysfunction.Edit

Customized ADHD-Optimized Systems

Leverage your unique cognitive style with tailored processes that transform ADHD traits into leadership strengths. Our systems stick because they're built for your brain.

Tactical Accountability

Get no-nonsense advice for immediate improvement, coupled with regular check-ins. We're your relentless partner, ensuring you stay on track and continuously progress.

Liberated Leadership Lifestyle

Finally enjoy worry-free vacations and quality family time. With our systems in place, your business hums efficiently without constant oversight, giving you the freedom to recharge and be present in your personal life.
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Let’s get your ducks back in a row.

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