Transforming MEDA's Project Management

How The Focus Company streamlined operations, saved $525,000 annually, and revolutionized workplace culture in just 18 months
Transforming MEDA's Project Management

Property Management and Rentals

Streamlining Operations for JellyBean Rentals & Property Management
Property Management and Rentals

Nonprofit - Adult Education and Employment Programs

Deploying Multi-Partner Programs on Time and Within Budget
Nonprofit - Adult Education and Employment Programs

Client victories. Chaos conquered.

Thank you for helping create clarity from chaos!! You are making headway in the organization for a rigorous commitment to processes!

Marcia Scheffler
VP People & Culture, MEDA

Our business is thriving. Every other business in this industry in Canada is failing, and we are thriving - and it’s all thanks to our work with you.

Mike Powell
Fort Amherst Healthcare

We are just floored by what you do. Your ability to absorb information from multiple sources and bring it together FAST - it’s incredible. You ROCK!!

Marisa Mazzulla
InQuire Consulting
Partner consultant with PTP Adult Learning

I feel the value you and The Focus Company are bringing, and others within MEDA and outside of MEDA are feeling it. The culture is adjusting and one brick at a time we are getting there. THANK YOU!

Dorothy Nyambi
CEO & President, MEDA

Let’s get your ducks back in a row.

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