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Project Management and Strategy


Practical Tactical Planning Sessions

You need a project plan, but not a full-time project manager. We’ve got you covered.

Our planning sessions are practical. We work from the strategy or concept you already have in place. The Practical Tactical session is all about creating a practical, executable project plan that shows your team exactly what needs to be done, who will do it, and when it will completed. Consider it a roadmap for your strategic plan or product innovation.

A Practical Tactical planning session is a focused, rapid planning exercise involving your project or product team. During the session we will co-create a project plan including milestones, a catalogue of the work that needs to be done, and a schedule with estimated deliverable dates. We will work with your subject matter experts, contract experts in, or research estimated task durations in order to create a reasonable and achievable timeline.

This planning session is suitable for small and medium sized businesses, or smaller teams within larger corporations. The best length of a Practical Tactical depends on the size of the project you are launching, or product you are creating, and how much strategy is already in place.

This workshop can be conducted on-site at your office or facility, at our office space, or off-site completely as part of a team retreat.