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Project Management and Strategy


Project Management

Projects need to be managed or they wander off and do their own thing - often at the expense of the business owner or organization. Let us help you keep your projects organized and executing on strategy and mission so you can keep earning revenue and exploring opportunities.


Start-ups and small businesses face more competing priorities than established businesses. We can help. We are here to help you develop your strategy and then to move it into implementation stage. Often strategic plans are developed and then put on a shelf, referred to once per year during strategic planning sessions or never looked at again after receipt. We collaborate with you to develop strategy, if needed, or to implement strategy if you have a plan in place.

Short-term Contract Project Management

Project Management is often a large investment for an organization, and lack of funding to pay an (often expensive) full-time PM can be a barrier for many businesses or nonprofits. Hiring a short-term or product specific PM may be a solution for your business. Contact us to learn more.

Social Innovation Strategy Development

With over 20 years experience working with social sector, as well as being social entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand what it means to be an innovator in this field. Let us help you move your innovations from idea stage to market. It’s what we are best at and we want to make your idea happen.

Project Implementation

Whether you are implementing on your own idea, or need support in deploying funding, we can help with project management and implementation plans. We will implement user-friendly project management communication tools for your team to keep track of projects and milestones. From there, we will help you create a plan that you and your team can follow.

Nonprofit Social Enterprise Coaching

As Innoweave coaches, we are eligible for grant funding to help you with consulting services. Social enterprise is becoming a buzzword for social innovators. As funding streams get reduced or cut altogether, nonprofits and charities are turning to social enterprise to help supplement their revenue sources. Contact us to learn how we can work together!